Life-Changing Moments

I reread the first rough chapter of my book the other day. I found a piece of back story that does not have direct impact on moving forward the story of the book. I'll probably be cutting it out or reworking how the information is given.

We've all had those moments in life that won't leave our mind because of the impression they made that impacted or changed our life forever. This was one of those moments for my main character Prim (quoting from a very rough manuscript):

"I glanced out at Medadrom Road, our carriage bumping across the small bridge that marked the outskirts of Medaden City. Memories flooded my mind. It was at this bridge that I stood when High King Zaccheus Vertus paid a visit during the 1500th festival anniversary celebrating Medad’s Founding. That was the only time in my life that the High King had visited our northernmost kingdom. It left a vivid, indelible impression upon my seven-year old mind. The High King Zaccheus’ entourage guarded by a company of fierce soldiers of the infamous and deadly High Gallion Guard paraded down Medadrom Road where throngs of our people pressed in to get a once-in-a-life-time glimpse of this man of power. Being small and skinny, I squeezed myself through the people to the front beside the road. I stood with my head high as his ornately carved chariot carriage pulled by four impeccably groomed white horses came into view. He had a ruby-bedecked red robe, a simple coronet on his dark brown hair, and gray just beginning to appear in his beard. He was magnificent. His gaze which had been fixed toward Galadrom palace suddenly shifted down at the individuals struggling to get a look at him. His eyes locked on mine for a moment, revealing a kindness and a depth of person that I’d never before or haven’t since experienced. Within that brief moment I glimpsed wisdom beyond my understanding that both commanded my respect and instilled a confidence in myself to accomplish whatever challenge I came up against. No matter what people said about him to the contrary (and it seemed I’d been hearing more of contrary rumors recently), I knew that this was a wise man and one to be trusted and revered. He didn’t just wear the title; it was who he was to the core: the High King, Protector of All Good and Right in Vertus."

In your own life, have you written down those life-changing moments?

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