"Nothing is impossible. You just have to decide what is important."
-Abbey Romney

Science Behind Story Arcs

The results are in. Empirical evidence suggests that defined story arcs are a thing, and certain story arcs are more popular than others.

Data Mining Reveals the Six Basic Emotional Arcs of Storytelling

The Room You Are In

“When the Lord closes a door, somewhere He opens a window.”
You have been banging your head against a wall, feeling the need to get to the other side. You want it so badly. But you can’t find a chink in the solidness of the wall before you that would allow you to get past it. You desire it, but the events in the room you are in allow you only so much time to find a way to the other side. And so you give up banging for a time to live in the room. But then that urgency surfaces again. You go to that wall. Only you find yourself banging against it in frustrated termination. You leave it alone. You live in that room. You see it is alive. What it gives. What it means. You pursue that room in all its facets. Then that room in its consciousness begins to draw a line. Light at first. Then clearly. It slides along until it reaches the wall and begins to climb. It creates a box on the wall. It begins to fill in the details of a beauty you knew existed beyond the wall. It disintegrates the wall. The startling realization is that the picture you had in your mind was much different than the one that room had just uncovered to you. No longer is it there and you're here, but you're here and it's now.

The inspiration for this imagery came to me from an experience I had over the last couple weeks. I had an “Aha” moment where I couldn’t see how I could possibly pursue something I loved because of something I loved more. When I was forced to look back at past success I’d had in pursuing my love, I realized that I needed to refocus my efforts on what had in the past brought me the most success and surprisingly, it had a lot to do with the thing that I loved more. Maybe God closes the door to get us to see more clearly out the window.


"Adversity initiates the opportunity to practice choosing who you will become."
-Abbey Romney