Lunch with An Old Friend

Dear Old Friend,

Thank you for sitting with me for a couple of hours at a shaded roadside table outside that hole-in-the-wall authentic Belgian waffle place downtown. Despite the heat, the food was delicious and the conversation delightful. It would have lasted longer, but you reminded me our parking time was up.

It is moments like these that I should consciously take more often. I need to stop running around doing what I'm doing for a split second, a momentary slice of life, and take time to enjoy a summer lunch in the company of a friend I haven't really talked to in years. Yes, you can pretend that posts on Facebook keep you posted, but there is nothing like sitting face-to-face and realizing that you can still talk and talk and talk like you used to. That the connection made so long ago is still alive and well. But instead of piling couch cushions and draping ourselves in costumes, characters, and stories too large for our young selves, we are now talking theater, characters in our lives, and stories in our books, and draping ourselves in grown-up realities larger than our young selves could have imagined.

You've been pursuing a dream since you were 16. I've more recently started on a similar dream. But no matter how different the stories we are writing both on paper and in our lives, the development of that aspect of our characters, which cemented a bond of friendship long ago and was reaffirmed more recently while dining over waffles and frites outside a small eatery downtown, won't soon be extinguished.

Your Old Friend

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